Admiral Basketball

2023 Denton Admirals Summer

Basketball Roster

Jermaine Bush, Jr. – 7th Grade

Marquiese Gould – 7th Grade

Cameron Bascomb – 7th Grade

Collin Rice – 7th Grade

Tyrone Floyd – 7th Grade

Patrick Riley – 7th Grade

Edmond “EJ” Wilder – 6th Grade

Grayson Hopkins – 6th Grade

Ja’Shun Washington – 6th Grade

Graham Hopkins




The following players are asked to attend the third day of tryouts, if still interested, to be considered for the last few spots for the summer team:

Ashton Cole

Harold Jefferson

Jonathan Powe

DeMykael Hunter

Ya’Lin Lee

Trey Moore

De’Anthony Carl

Jayvion Nyanga

Oscar Rogers

Zachery Barnes

Text Box: Any student who is not on this list at all, that attended all three days or if you only attended one day or none at all, you will have the opportunity to try out for the 2023-2024 basketball team, during the school year. Thank You for trying out.