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Denton Magnet School of Technology
The mission of Denton Magnet School of Technology is to cultivate curiosity and prepare students to thrive as productive  citizens in an evolving, technology-driven, global society.


Home of the Admirals

As a school of choice, the vision for Denton Magnet School of Technology is to

  • develop students from across the district  who are goal-oriented, problem-solving, and innovative.
  • help students become adaptable citizens who embrace diversity, act responsibly, and successfully contribute to our local community and society as a whole.
  • offer an inventive and rigorous approach to instruction that respects students’ diverse learning styles.
  • administer an advanced, accelerated curriculum that provides students with opportunities to develop higher-order thinking skills.
  • emphasize student-centered instruction through the use of digital tools and a highly rigorous STEM elective program.

Magnet School Contract

Denton Magnet's Back to School Plan

Creating a Parent Schoology Account

Dragonflymax Athletic Eligibility!

Update for DMST Athletics:


Superintendent Threadgill requested a return to play plan for every school within our system at the beginning of June. We submitted our plan on June 4th. High school plans were reviewed first and they were opened on June 8th. The middle schools remained closed this summer.  Last week, per Superintendent Threadgill, all MCPSS middle school athletics have been postponed.  We do not have any answers or directives as of today if or when activities will resume.  We would like to complete all paperwork, so if and when we are approved, we can move forward ASAP. Therefore, we are asking that if you have a student in 7th or 8th grade interested in any DMST athletic program for the upcoming school year, please visit www.dragonflymax.com and complete your student’s paperwork. We will place the details and procedures on our website titled Dragonflymax Athletic Eligibility! All paperwork must be completed before a student/athlete will be allowed to return. It is imperative that we get this process completed. Our coaches have been working, training and preparing for a successful return to play! We appreciate your patience and will be posting updates as they change frequently and almost day to day.


Dragonflymax Athletic Eligibility!

Use the handout to complete the registration process and paperwork for your athlete. The school code is: 8JQT5N. Students and parents will have to have different account logins in order to complete the digitally signed forms. Per the AHSAA, all physicals will need to be updated by a physician for the 2020-21 school year.  If you have any questions or concerns please email Coach Hollis at bhollis@mcpss.com. 


Dragonfly Handout

Student Devices

Parents interested in purchasing a device for your child, please see the information below:

A laptop is the preferred device. Tablets, iPads, or phones may not work with all programs being used.

MCPSS will be purchasing Chromebooks. Chromebooks come in different brands and different sizes. They range in price from $150-$250, and can be purchased from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy.

A side note: Chromebook refers to the operating system that is on the laptop. HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus and others sell their own version of the Chromebook.

However, any laptop with the Operating System Windows 10 installed will work.

It’s important to note: The laptop does not have to be a high-end laptop. Most student laptops in Chromebook and Windows typically have the following features:
4gb of ram
32gb hard-drive space
Celeron or AMD 1.1 ghz or higher
USB port
Chrome or Windows OS

**These are very minimal specs for a laptop.**

ANY laptop with Windows or Chrome operating system on them should work fine.

For further assistance please contact the school office.

School Supply Lists